About Ernie Raulli

I'm not like most Realtors(R) you're used to. To provide added value to my buyers and sellers, I studied and trained to earn my State of Illinois Home Inspector license. This gives my clients an extra set of professional eyes to comprehensively evaluate the home they're either about to buy or sell. It gives them the advantage a regular real estate agent simply can't provide.

Why choose a Hybrid Agent?

You get 2 professionals for the price of 1. The Home Inspector half can:

For Sellers - professionally assess the condition of your home in order for you to address those issues before the buyers' inspector reports them, and costs you money in the second price negotiation.

For Buyers - professionally assess the condition of a home to determine if you should make an offer, or run away from that house before wasting your time making an offer and then finding out the house had big problems.